Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reflection: Mollie & David Henry

We are just about to wrap up week #3. It's getting harder. The best part is that we are wasting almost nothing. Our fridge and pantry are more empty than full, and we like that. Nothing is going bad. We are discovering new dishes - for example, stir-fried broccoli. We had brown rice, tofu, and stir-fried broccoli with soy sauce and a 1/4 piece of pita bread last night. It was delicious! The total cost per person was about 80 cents.

The worst part is not eating out - ever. That's what's wearing me down the most. I am spending so much more time in the kitchen. No eating out ever means all three meals for five people come from our little kitchen - the making of and the cleaning up. I'm getting kind of sick of that place. I also miss my Coca Cola.


Ciona said...

Yum! Who knew that stir-fry could cost only 80 cents?!?!

Many prayers for you as you continue the next few weeks. The not eating out is very difficult.

Ciona said...

How aware are your children of what you're doing? How have they responded to the meals?

Mollie said...

Joe and Kate know what we're doing, and for the most part they don't notice a difference. The two things they have noticed are a) not eating out and b) having to eat beans & rice at WNAB. We actually started feeling really sorry for them on that second one and have allowed them to eat normally at WNAB, even though David and I are still taking the beans & rice. Although I did see Lanecia with bread and broccoli the other night - is that an alternate option?!

We're trying to make them aware that plenty of families - and many kids that Joe goes to school with -have this sort of "diet" all the time, and that eating out is a RARE treat for them rather than a weekly event. That message seems to be getting through.

Ciona said...

Oh, that's great! I bet it is hard for them to adjust to that. Honestly, I have a hard time watching everyone get dessert at WNAB while I eat beans and rice. It's rough. Especially watching Lanecia. :) The staff gets a free meal for WNAB, so she thought she'd take advantage of it. Unfortunately, it's not the alternative . . . I wish!

LAR said...

Thanks for sharing Mollie and David. I imagine WNAB is pretty difficult. I am very thankful for my full course Wednesday night supper, however it has been hard to watch others around me with their $1 option . . . especially my sister.
This whole experience has made me acutely aware of the "safety nets" I am privileged to have. The weeks have been a bit easier than I thought they would be, mostly due to the generosity offered by people who don't know my need before they extend the gift.
My Mom has probably had the most difficult time with our choice. Ciona and I have giggled a time or two about how it is hard for a mother to know that her girls are living on $21 each for meals and not intervene.
My energy level is lower than usual. I struggle to muster up the energy to workout or do much physical activity. Are any of you finding this to be true for you?